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Our Mission

Our goal is to be THE family office for top sportspersons that you've always wanted and which is able to come up with the ideal solution for all your needs. We want to offer you optimal, all-round support, so that you can concentrate to the fullest extent on what you do best: exercising your favourite sport - without worrying about your financial future

This is our main focus, because unfortunately the financial independence of professional athletes after retirement is secured only in very few cases.

A study of the 1st and 2nd German football leagues produced some incredible results.

Only 9% of all ex-professionals have become financially secure by the time they retire. The remaining 91% have only small savings or are already in debt at the end of their career.

In particular, the players were divided into 4 groups: Only the top 9% can maintain their standard of living after retirement. The next 44% had to make major cutbacks in planning their twilight years. 21% of players can indeed keep themselves financially afloat, but had to restrict themselves to a minimum. And an incredible 26% are over-indebted at the end of their career.

Another study shows that approximately 50% of former Premier League players have to file for personal bankruptcy within 5 years.

And this is exactly what motivates us: to provide our customers with a perfect allround service in financial matters every day.

For precisely this reason it is important that you plan for your financial future NOW and put matters in the right hands.


As a professional sportsperson, you can earn a lot of money in a short time. But a sports career doesn’t last forever. It is therefore particularly important that you get the most from your active time, not only in terms of sports, but also financially. This is where SHP comes into play.

Sportsmen support sportsmen, because we cover your back and take care of everything related to your financial affairs. SHP offers you a unique combination of specific banking know-how and vast knowledge in the area of sports. Samuel Haas, once a top sportsman himself, speaks your language - clearly, plainly and to the point.

We know from our own experience how short a career can be, and we know what is key in optimal financial planning for top sportspersons. Based on our long-standing practice in providing financial advice to top athletes, we know all the problems - but above all, also the solutions.

Thanks to our independence, we also ensure that YOU really get the best solution for YOU. For this reason we have tailored our extensive catalogue of services specifically to your needs - so that you receive everything related to your financial affairs from a single source.

Switzerland, in the centre of Europe, offers you a unique combination of security, service quality, banking expertise, stability, discretion, banking tradition, monetary stability and a strong economy.

With its office in the heart of the financial centre of Zurich, SHP ensures that you receive optimal support, irrespective of the country you are currently competing in. Because we provide access to a variety of Swiss banking partners that cover all sporting-relevant countries of the world. Our services – for you


With our years of experience, we have perfected the services of SHP to offer you the exactly the tailored service that you need. The setup includes a breakdown of our service into "Core Services" and "Satellite Services" (ancillary services).

Core Services:

  1. Access to the Swiss banking centre and selection of the best-possible custodian bank.
    - We have the perfect custodian bank for you whether large international bank, discrete private bank or cost-effective alternative
    - Special terms for bank charges
    - Various services offered by banks are available to you
    - No minimum investment amounts

  2. Tailor-made asset management for top sportspersons
    - Fantastic track record in the area of asset growth
    - Security-oriented special investments
    - Selection of the particular investments in your personal portfolio - perfectly tailored to you
    - Dynamic portfolio adjustment - perfectly in step with the development of your career
    - No complicated investment products - so that you always understand what is happening and how your money works for you
    - We advise you completely independently - With us, you can be sure that we pursue the same goals as you: your financial independence

All our "Satellite Services" can be assembled as modules individually for you according to your wishes and needs.

With our Satellite Services, we make sure that you also receive optimal support regarding your assets and you can benefit from many additional services, such as contingency planning for you and your family, financing or special terms for luxury watches.


Samuel Haas


As founder and managing director of SHP, Samuel Haas is committed to optimal financial advice for you, and he will therefore personally accompany you on your career path – and beyond.

As early as during his time as a professional footballer at the Grasshopper Club of Zurich - with over 50 games for the Swiss UNational teams - he discovered his passion for the financial world in successfully completing training with an investment trust

Likewise, it was the ever-growing need of players he knew for specialised financial advice that finally moved him to swap the football boots for the school bench at St. Gallen University and to complete a first diploma in Private Banking. This paved the way for a career in private banking, focused on top sportspersons.

After more than 6 years of providing intensive support to international athletes in various sports, Samuel Haas decided to establish SGP together with a small number of selected partners, with the aim of offering his clients an even more individual and better service.

& Partner

My prestigious partners, each with over 20 years of professional experience in their individual areas of expertise, will give you confidence that you will receive the best possible support in all areas.

In the legal area, we are working with Dr Marco Del Fabro, attorney at law. He specialises in international sports law. He also represents players, trainers, clubs as well as national associations before the international Sports Court CAS in Lausanne.

In the area of marketing, we rely on the experience and the network of Andreas Schmocker, CEO of L-Fashion Schweiz AG and former CEO of Puma Switzerland.



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